Rest. During the first week of school you will need more hours of rest because you will be subjected to greater stress than on vacation days. Take a few moments to rest, returning home early, so as not to experience the first day of school with the fatigue of those who have lost too many hours of sleep. Prepare the school supplies. To get into the right mood, dust off your backpack, case and prepare the school supplies. It will help you to metabolize the idea of ​​coming back to school imminent. Think of the outfit to show off. We advise you to start shopping thinking about what to show off on the first day of school, it will help you feel safer and more relaxed! Watch movies about school. No more hot summer movies and crowded beaches. Look for TV series or films that talk about school or that are set in the corridors. It will be a great help to make you think of walking through the corridors of your school and spending time with your classmates. Browse through new books. You never know, maybe some new topic will intrigue you and will make you want to go to school right away to study and discover something new, for example, how to make assignments in australia? Contact your classmates again. The time has come to gather the crew for departure! Now that there are only a few days left before the school starts, it would be advisable to reconnect and start the right way together!
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